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It is meant to facilitate members in owning land or plots for domestic or commercial purposes within the cities in Kenya

Product Features.

  1. The product is available to all active members for the purposes of purchase of vacant land or plots within the cities in Kenya
  2. The property to be considered must be within the defined city boundaries/metropolis as follows:
      • Nairobi - 50KM Radius
      • Mombasa - 30KM Radius
      • Nakuru and Kisumu - 20KM Radius
  3. Financing will be up to:
      • 90% open market value subject to sale value of City properties
      • 100% sale price of UN DT SACCO/ Wanamataifa sponsored properties
  4. Repayment period of up to 96 months (8 years)
  5. Maximum loan amount of Ksh.15 Million
  6. Deposit multiplier of 7 times
  7. Interest rate of 11.9 p.a. on reducing balance
  8. The funds will be transferred directly to the seller of the land or plot
  9. Sale agreement, copy of title deed/lease and valuation report to accompany the loan application
  10. Valuation to be done by valuers on the UN DT SACCO panel of valuers
  11. For UN DT SACCO/ Wanamataifa sponsored or partnered properties, common valuation will be obtained on behalf of all borrowers
  12. First and final charge on the property being financed in favor of UN DT SACCO 
  13. Repayment period not restricted by contract but minimum contract period of 6 months contract period at the time of borrowing
  14. Borrowers to meet cost of valuation and legal charge costs