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The Fosa Savings Account is a withdrawable deposit account that members use as a transaction account and can also be used for savings purposes. The account caters for members' regular transactions like salaries and loans processing; cash and cheque deposits; electronic funds transfers; standing orders etc.
The account operates as follows: -

  1. The account minimum balance is Ksh.2,000
  2. The minimum interest earning balance is Ksh. 50,000.
  3. Interest is calculated monthly and credited at the month
  4. The Fosa Account holders are eligible for ATM card services which shall be issued and operated in accordance with the Society's ATM card procedure.
  5. The Fosa Account holders are eligible for M-SACCO services.
  6. A member can make regular savings to the Fosa Savings Account through a check-off arrangement with the employer.
  7. The account attracts no monthly charges or account maintenance fees.
  8. Transaction fees shall be in as stipulated in the Fosa Tariff Guide.
  9. Maximum transaction limits will be in accordance with the Fosa Tariff Guide.

*The annual interest rate is 2% to 2.5%.