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  • Provide the dully filled membership application form accompanied by a copy of your national ID( Passport for non kenyans), employment letter or payslip and a passport size photograph. For kin members, a birth certificate( for children memberhsip) or marrigae certificate( for spouse membership) is required.
  • Pay a membership fee of Kshs. 1,000
  • Raise share capital minimum of Kshs. 50,000
  • Make monthly deposits contributions of not less than kshs. 2,300 per month.

Transfer from Another Sacco

A member can transfer his deposits from another SACCO to the UNSACCO.

A member who does so is treated as an eixsting member even if he/she has just joined the SACCO.

The member can therefore borrow immidiately after joining UNSACCO.

Members can qualify to apply for loans after regular contribution for 3 months (Except for settlement loan).

A member fills the loan application form provided and attaches the required documents i.e. current letter of contract, latest certified pay slip, National ID/Passport.

The Form is presented to the Sacco for processing.

Once processed, the funds are deposited in the member's FOSA account from where he/she can transact or issue further instructions.

Qualification of the loan will be based on a members deposits, ability to repay and security/ guarantors provided.

Loan Information

In addition to our wide range of financial products and services, UNSACCO provides loans services to its customers. The information.

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